Adding an identity value with SELECT INTO

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When copying data into a new table using SELECT INTO it can be useful to add an identity column at the same time, especially where the source data does not already have a primary key.

To do this we can just define an identity column in the select into statement.

At its simplest this could be a statement like :
INTO NewTable FROM ExistingTable
For a more specific example if we have a table called ExistingTable which contains two columns :

Existing Table
If we run the following code it will create a table with the data shown below :
SELECT IDENTITY(INT,1,1) AS ID, FirstName,Surname
INTO NewTable FROM ExistingTable

Existing Table
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Post by david on Fri 07 Jun 2019 20:16. Report Inappropriate Post

This is great. How do you add values to empty table that table has a foreign key using: SELECT INTO? I am unclear how to use SCOPE clause, where to use in in the SQL statements. I understand the Primary Key is automatically entered.
I have:
INSERT INTO [Schema].[Table]([FOREIGNKey from different table], [DisplayName], [OfferType], [Price],[Createdate]) VALUES (????, 'ACME','RRKiller',99.99,GETDATE()) What should be in the ???? place in VALUES section

Thank you
Post by Ikram on Thu 04 Jul 2019 10:46. Report Inappropriate Post

Thanks! It helped like a charm.

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