SQL BITS Conference - London 2018

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SQL BITS 2018 - London

The SQL BITS team have just announced the date of the next SQLBITS conference which is from 21st - 24th February 2018 at Olympia, London.

I've been to a number of these events including SQLBits III at Hatfield back in 2009 which was then a one day event (Saturday), SQL BITS VI in London (again a one day event), SQL BITS XI in Nottingham (with a Robin Hood theme) and SQL BITS XIV at ExCel in London. The last one was a four day event just like the next one at Olympia, with the first three days being training days and the Saturday being a free "community" day with lots of shorter sessions about various aspects of SQL Server developers and DBAs.

Over this period I've been both a developer and a DBA, and both a "permie" and a contractor, and this Conference really does have some to offer everyone involved with SQL Server. I'd highly recommend it whether you just go to the free Saturday or the whole conference - each day is really "standalone" so there's no need to go for the whole event if time or budget doesn't permit this.

More details on the SQLBITS website : http://www.sqlbits.com

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